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    May 6, 2017
    Another incredible week of development happened this week and the result we have quite a lot of new features to hope make the game play better. Please note, the Operation Reality server is not fully functional, and there are some key, base aspects to the server that are not complete to promote role-play as of yet. We encourage you all to play and get acquainted with the features we add on a daily basis, but please understand we're still hard at work to make this an awesome server for you all to play on. With all that being said, here are some notable things we've done this week.

    Truck Missions
    Truck missions in a sense are a higher tier delivery mission. Just like delivery missions the farther out you go the more money you will get for each mission. With truck missions you can not lose or damage your haul too much. If you do the result will be a failed mission!

    Cellphones are progressing a lot more this week. We are currently working on the Chipr app and calculator. Due to us getting the bank app fully functional we have remove money off the HUD this will hopefully make the experience more immersive. The phone will also now slide in and out of view.
    Taxi System
    We added a basic taxi system to the server. A player can go to a point on the map and get a taxi to transport other players around and role-play with.

    User Interface
    The UI has gotten quite the improvement. Now you can see who is talking near you on the left side of your screen. We also have added player indicators above other player's heads. This is indicator is green when not talking and will turn purple when talking. We have added basic thirst and hunger to the HUD next to the minimap. Right now they both do not go down due the technical aspects being a work in progress.

    Player Houses
    We have started work on player housing! Player housing will be a place you can buy and pay a upkeep every so often. The idea for player housing is it will be a place you can go and hang out privately and invite your friends if you would like.

    If you're interested in following our progress, our developers try to continue to update our public Trello board, to access that, please click here!

    Thank you all for your continued support!
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    May 30, 2017