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    We've had an amazing week of development this week, and we're super excited to continue developing an amazing community for you all to be a part of. I've come today to provide some key updates on some features we have on the server thus far. Please note, the Operation Reality server is not fully functional, and there are some key, base aspects to the server that are not complete to promote role-play as of yet. We encourage you all to play and get acquainted with the features we add on a daily basis, but please understand we're still hard at work to make this an awesome server for you all to play on. With all that being said, here are some notable things we've done this week.

    Delivery Missions
    Players are now able to accept delivery missions within the city. Delivery missions are tiered by the amount of times you have done delivery missions total. You will start out on short missions, and then progress to longer hauls out to the County. The farther you go, the more money you will get for each mission.

    The cellphone isn't fully functional, however there are a few aspects of the phone that work, including messaging and viewing your bank balance. You can access the Phone GUI by pressing the down arrow key on your keyboard, and using your mouse to navigate. To close out of the phone, press escape.

    Car Dealership
    The car dealership is now functional. To see an example of how it works, watch the video linked below. Please note the car dealership interface will change, and this is just to showcase it's functionality.

    Gambling / Casino
    A casino system has been added and the core functionality works. Please click here to see it's functionality.

    Hospitals have been added and are functional. If you need to be healed, visit a Hospital and press ENTER when you enter the marker outside of the front door. The hospital will take money depending on how much they need to heal you.

    Public Parking / Garage
    There is now a fully functioning car storage system. You can visit the Parking Garage in game by finding the white car on the map, and driving the car you own into the marker and pressing ENTER. Once you press enter, it will be stored in your inventory for you to take out at the garage at a later time. Please note the menu for the Garage is just to help showcase features, and will look different when completed.

    Legal Firearm Stores
    We have added firearm stores. To find one, they're marked as red pistols on your map. As with everything else, the menu is temporary and will change, it's just to showcase the firearm store features.

    Proximity Voice Chat
    You can now use Voice chat in game to chat with people in proximity to you. The default keybind is N.

    User Accounts
    Your in-game information is stored and connected with your Forum Account. You MUST have an account on our forums in order to log in and play on the server.

    We're busy working on a lot of awesome stuff for you all. It's exciting to see the progress we've made in just a week and will continue making over the course of time. If you're interested in following our progress, our developers try to continue to update our public Trello board, to access that, please click here!

    Thank you all for your continued support!
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    Keep up the good work !!!
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