A couple small issues I've noticed.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Monty4G63, May 16, 2017.

  1. Monty4G63


    May 16, 2017
    Hello, I've recently stumbled upon your server and so far I really like it and hope to see more people join in.

    So far I have noticed a few issues with controllers as I like to use an XBOX controller for driving and some walking around. First off is the A button (used for running on foot and ducking while driving) also opens the emote menu. Secondly the right stick button (used to look behind) opens up what I'm assuming is a placeholder menu called "Moving is a scrub". Next issue is left trigger (Brakes) aims a weapon if one is held.

    Back to emotes, I have noticed that there is no clear way to cancel an emote once initiated.

    The purchasable vehicles are not so desirable and the selection is small, that is unless there is a page over function I do not know of..

    The minimap is stuck in the larger format for me and is kind of annoying being so large.

    And I have noticed that scripting has not been disabled as trainer menu's are still accessible. Not sure if you were planning on keeping the ability of using the script menu but if you are it is bound to F1 along with player emotes.

    I understand that this server is likely very new in it's early stages but I figured I would make note of what I have noticed so far just in case there is something staff has not noticed yet.

    Now for some questions:

    1. Will there be personal vehicle modifying? Like paint, wheels, body parts, performance upgrades?

    2. If there will be vehicle mods, will they be saved on the personal vehicles or will they need to be added every time a vehicle is pulled from storage?

    3. Any plan for character customization or am I stuck with this body/clothes?

    4> Any plans for more ATM & Parking garage locations? I know there are plenty of ATM's in the enter-able bars and stores around the map, would encourage more RP in those buildings if there were something to actually do with them/ have them on the map.
  2. movinggun

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Hey, thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it! Firstly when designing the server we have not taken controllers into mind. If that becomes widely suggested by the community we would be more than happy to work on making them compatible. Secondly you can stop an emote just by pressing F2. The vehicle shop is purley in testing phase and will be remade to look better and contain better and a more variety of vehicles. Script Hook will also be disabled when we go to release the server as complete. The server you are currently playing on is our Development Server which we use a trainer to help features. When we release and put up a playable server script hook will be disabled :D

    Now to answer your questions
    1. Yes we will be adding vehicle customization
    2. That is still be spoken about. From what I can tell we will be adding modded vehicles into the game. These mods will be saved when you put a vehicle in the garage.
    3. When we have the new UI done we will add skin / clothing changes.
    4. That is also in the works,

    Thanks for the questions. Hope this helps :D
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  3. tdchewy


    May 30, 2017
    I use a controller/keyboard combo to play also. A bit of adjustment for me, but most of the issues I had were related to using the dpad down to navigate menus would also open the phone and player list. For driving, it was the A button, which, for me, is handbrake would also open the emote menu. On foot, the A button to run also opens the emote menu, which can be inconvenient. I can adjust, but just adding some feedback. Love the server so far and look forward to new stuff.